Gun Fight Crime City

Gun Fight Crime City

Size 13.0MB

Gun Fight Crime City

Gun Fight Crime City

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In the baptism of war, you and your team will grow together.

The first anti-terrorism theme turn-based RPG card game "global anti-terrorism" heavy hit! Allowing you to regain a long time in the phone feel the gun battle! Game World view drawn from modern all kinds of war on terror, is your counter-terrorism action will be staged. The world's top special forces exhibitors, well-known world-renowned full firearms debut, round all the military fans a dream of the battlefield! The game covers sniper, survival, driving and other combat modes, completely subvert the traditional FPS, to create next-generation gun battle masterpiece! Europe and the United States film and television elements together, each hero with a tough guy you fly! The spread of global terrorism, front-line battle calls the advent of heroes, the world's peace guarded by you! Lock "global anti-terrorism", the curtain is about to open.
"Global Counterterrorism", the players will recruit all kinds of evil heroes, the formation of their own Counter Strike team, in the global implementation of a variety of arduous tasks. Combating violence and terrorists, sneaking into the Islamic region to kill terrorist gang leaders, to give you an unprecedented anti-terrorism experience. Players can create their own unique clan, each member of the weapons, protective gear, clothing camouflage can be free to match, to create the most lethal anti-terrorism hero. In the baptism of war, you and your team will grow together.



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