Army truck driver: 4x4 truck simulator

Army truck driver: 4x4 truck simulator

Size 50.5MB

Army truck driver: 4x4 truck simulator

Army truck driver: 4x4 truck simulator

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Drive this truck simulator and transport military weapons and ammunitions. Enjoy the excitement of army fields in these truck games. You are playing as a truck driver in this truck simulator game and your duty is to drop the military weapons & ammunitions in the given location while passing through the checkpoints. The checkpoints will show you the exact location where you have to park your truck loader. Start your truck simulator from the army base where different military tanks and monster trucks are present. Playing as a truck driver in these truck games is very hard specially transporting cargo from one place to another. You must be careful while driving this truck simulator because different animals, huge rocks and dangerous mines will come in to your way. Stay focused and gets amazing experience of truck driving in these truck games.
Avoid hitting animals with your truck simulator otherwise you will lose the level in this monster trucks game and don’t pass the heavy duty super truck loader over the mines otherwise they will blast and the game will over. These truck games come with huge army monster trucks that are specially made for driving on steep and dangerous paths. During truck driving keep one thing in mind that you must not drop the military weapons. Pass every checkpoint like a professional truck driver without hitting anyone and take your heavy duty simple truck loader to the required destination and enjoy great thrill of truck driving in these high quality truck games.
This monster trucks game will easy at the beginning but after the first level game become harder. The amount of animals and mines will increase gradually in this truck loader game. Show great truck driving skills on fascinating roads and complete every single mission of this monster trucks game. As a good truck driver you must have strong grip on controls otherwise playing this truck loader will be difficult for you. In start of this truck game you can only drive one real truck. Earn money by passing levels and unlock other different huge army truck and explore the endless 4x4 offroad adventures of this game. These mind-blowing features of this military tanks game make it in the top list of best army games for kids. After reaching to the higher level this heavy duty real truck epic game will become more interesting and addictive.
The fascinating and challenging missions of this truck game make its name in the list of best army games for kids. Becoming a skillful truck driver is your dream? Now you have a great chance of fulfilling your dream by driving real truck on the dangerous tracks of army base in this new truck game. Get an ultimate heavy duty truck dangerous driving experience in this army base cool game and transport military weapons safely and park this extreme 4x4 super cargo truck on the given destination. If you have a great craze for truck game and want to drive army truck and multiple military tanks then this excellent and extreme 4x4 thrilling cargo truck is best for you.
There are twelve unique and hard levels of this army truck game. First level is easy but the difficulty of levels will increase according to your progression in this cargo truck game. Mines, huge rocks and different obstacles will test your extreme 4x4 magnificent cargo truck driving skills. Carrying cargo and safely transporting them with this 4x4 offroad truck is not a very easy task. Don’t drive this off road simulator to fast otherwise on these tricky tracks you will lose your weapons and the game will over.
Have you ever try to drive 4x4 offroad truck?? Want to become the champion of hills driving ijn this off road simulator game?? Install this game now and enjoy.


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